Vecchio Inc. can help you invest in a new look, and a new you.

Why Sell?


Be free to buy or sell your jewelry, diamonds, and designer watches.

If you own a piece that no longer interests you, perhaps it's not your style anymore, perhaps your priorities have changed, or perhaps you want to celebrate a change in your life, Vecchio Inc. can help you.

Vecchio Expertise


Our business is backed by decades of expertise in the jewelry industry.

Since 1970, we have used our expertise as a family of jewelers to help our customers realize better business. Trained to international standards by the renowned GIA (Gemological Institute of America), our evaluators have dynamic expertise in stones, metals, and watches. We are also accredited by the Jeweler's Board of Trade (JBT). 

Speak to an Expert

Our professionals are highly trained.

This knowledge gives Vecchio Inc. a recognized name in the jewelry market, as a source of safe and reliable information. Our expert will carefully assess your jewelry, diamonds, or designer watches, and provide you with an accurate estimate of its worth. We can then work with you to determine the next course of action, be it a sale or trade. 

Discretion, Privacy & Convenience

It is of vital importance to us that the sale of your jewelry is a good experience.  

Enjoy privacy, comfort, and discretion, factors that we at Vecchio deem critical to the sale process. 



No commitment necessary.

This careful evaluation service for jewelry, diamonds, and designer watches is offered for FREE and without commitment.

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